Corporate Sponsors and Donors

We need your help. The National Nursing Museum is the museum that can provide training to save lives…while preserving the history of those who already have….and inspiring those who will save lives in the future.

The restoration of The Nurses’ Inn and National Nursing Museum is the first phase of a multi-purpose complex devoted to charitable giving, health, education and community health awareness for all ages.

The multi-use complex includes:

  • The National Nursing Museum
  • Education and Community Resource Center
  • Lodging facility

Areas of focus for the Museum:

  • Medical equipment displays and Save a Life simulation labs: AED, CPR, airway management,  First Aid, intubation, vascular access,  childbirth and nursing simulation labs
  • Improving health for individuals and our communities
  • Health education topics such as hygiene and proper hand-washing techniques
  • Education and understanding of the human body and how it functions
  • Microbiology, disease and disease transmission interactive learning stations
  • An all-inclusive repository of nursing history preservation, including Military nursing, African-American nursing and Native-American nursing history
  • Multicultural deviations in nursing and healing practices
  • Vehicle exhibits: early medical transport, critical care ambulance transport and military medical transport history

As a corporate sponsor or donor, your support will allow us to celebrate the work of a dedicated group of unsung heroes and encourage and inspire the next generation of nurses, first responders and allied health professionals.

Thank you for your generous support of The Nurses’ Inn and National Nursing Museum.

Let’s build something together.