The Nurses’ Inn and National Nursing Museum Restoration

The Historic Griffin Hospital is undergoing renovations to re-open as The Nurses’ Inn and Nursing Museum. The facility will be open to the public and available for community meetings, weddings, memorials and funeral services with a seating capacity estimated at 100 persons.

National Nursing Museum

Dedicated space at The Nurses’ Inn will include Phase 1 of the National Nursing Museum, offering a collection of portraits of founders of the nursing profession. A dedicated area will include nursing history, photographs and memorabilia from the Civil War era, African-American nursing history and nurses who have impacted, cared for and saved the lives of many within their care. Plans to expand the National Nursing Museum to accommodate larger displays, educational and career development activities.

Community Resource Center and Chapel

The Nurses’ Inn and Museum will be owned and operated by the nurse driven nonprofit organization My Brother’s Keepers Service Center of Georgia, with the proceeds going to community service programs in a community resource center and chapel expansion. The center will provide wellness checks, blood pressure and glucose monitoring, wellness workshops, and a medication assistance program for individuals unable to obtain life-saving medications such as insulin.